Here is a list of coursework I have completed while a graduate student at Stanford University. They are listed roughly in order of appearance.

Course Number Description
E205 Classical Control Design
ME200A Linear Algebra
ME210 Team Based Design with Coorporat Sponsorship
ME218 A Smart Product Design Fundamentals
ME313 Ambidextrous Thinking
E207A Modern Control I
ME310A Team Based Design with Coorporate Partners II
ME294 Craftmanship Seminar
E207B Modern Control Design II
ME310B Team Based Design with Coorporate Partners
CS 193J Programming in Java
CS 205 Mathematical Methods in Robotics and Vision
EE122 Analog Circuit Design Lab
EE203 Seminar or Entrepeneurial Engineering
ME316B Advanced Product Design, Need Finding
Stat 161 Statistical Methods II
IE273 How to startup a startup in the dotcom era
ME227 Vehicle dynamics and Control
ME297 Design theory and Methodology
EE263 Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems
ME231A Dynamics
ME231B Dynamics II
E209A Introduction to Nonlinear Control
Mat 115 Fundimental Concepts of Analysis
E209B Advanced Nonlinear Control
E210A Robust Control Analysis and Synthasis
ME223 Identification and Control of Mechanical Systems
AA272C Global Positioning System
EE278 Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing
Gerlang 1 First Year German I
Art 165 Intimate Design in Precious Metals