CNC Primo

This was my first CNC machine build. My goals were to build the mechanials of the machine from scratch as much as possible and for the machine to be rigid enough to engrave and inlay aluminum and stainless steel with 1/4" tooling and below.
3 axis, 12"x12"x9" range of motion Linear bearings made from skate bearings
HobbyCNC electronics 305 oz-in stepper motors
Variable speed treadmill spindle motor Taig ER16 spindle
EMC2 controller software CamBam tool path generation software

I succeeded with 1/8" tooling and did manage to make a few parts like the collet box below, but I overestimated the stiffness of the bearings I used and was never able to cut stainless steel to my satisfaction. I sold this mill on craig's list for what I had into it and started on CNC Segundo.